Jack Boyce

Growing up with a camera always close by, filming luckily comes natural. Whether is was simple family stuff or hunting & fishing trips, its just always been cool to be able to share an experience with others. After learning the ropes with advanced editing techniques, Jack decided to fill a gap in the local market by offering cinematic films that tell a story. An eye for quality and the ability to capture true emotion, equate to an awesome combination that routinely brings our clients sheer joy.

Worked many years in emergency services after graduating from Western Carolina University before jumping into the marketing and film-making industry. Although very different fields, this time greatly contributed to being able to emotionally connect with people on a personal level.

Its truly humbling to create work that is so incredibly powerful at influencing emotion.

FOUNDER & Head Film-Maker

A photo captures a moment. A video captures a memory.

Feel free to give us a call or shoot us a message and we’ll be happy to assist with any questions.

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Heather Boyce

As the true creative director for most projects, Heather contributes in the most awesome way to help make it all come together so perfectly.  She adds a certain level of expertise to each and every shoot that we're fortunate enough to be a part of.

A graduate of East Carolina University thats amazing at taking care of people and loves time with family more than anything, especially on the water!

The other Boyce in Boyce Productions, Heather brings a whole different perspective to every filming situation.

Film-Maker + Creative Director

Will Boyce

Will is the behind the scenes guy who gives everything the final stamp of approval before completion.  He tells you when to take breaks from the busy work of editing even when you aren't quite ready.  

Ultimately he keeps us grounded in the concept that good things take time!

Will is the behind the scenes guy who gives everything the final stamp of approval...


Zach Crowe

Zach started working with the team after realizing he had a passion for creative imagery. He trained alongside the team to develop the motions of film-making and continuously enhance that eye for perfection. He's known for getting the job done, and getting it done right, all while ensuring a truly personalized experience.

Zach is the go to personality for taking care of clients and making it all look good.

film-maker + Content Creator

Let's capture it

Grace Wiggins

Grace started with our team soon after finishing college to primarily fill a shooting role on projects as our team was growing and quickly learned the ropes. An entrepreneur at heart herself, she understands what it takes to always stay relevant and on the minds of your clients.

Graduating from East Carolina University with a degree in Hospitality Management is surely a contributing factor to how she offers that southern charm and over the top service that we strongly value. Enjoys baking the most amazing cakes the rest of the time.

Grace brings high energy and spunk to the team that keeps us all smiling.

film-maker + Social Media Manager

Jared Turner

Jared is our go to guy when we need to form a solid social strategy for clients. Jared's analytical abilites and track record of maintaining consistent social growth bring a unique piece of the marketing puzzle together.

Jared has a natural knack for understanding exactly what audiences want to see.

Lead Social Influencer + Content Strategist

As a fellow alumni of Western Carolina University, Jared earned his masters degree before jumping heavier into the digital marketing world. His downtime, if you want to call it that, is typically spent around a cup of coffee, his other passion!

He's a local guy with southern roots grounded in North Carolina and always enjoys a good day in the duck blind. Known to save a life or two when he's out playing paramedic..!